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Product Detail
UK Business Directory 2016
UK Business Directory 2016

UK Business Directory


Large marketing database of UK

 > 4 million+ unique UK businesses.

> 2.7m+ businesses with phone numbers

> 600 thousand businesses with  fax numbers (a very effective and low cost marketing tool)

> 2400+ Business categories downlaod sample

> Listings include: Company Name, Address, Locality, Town, County, Poscode, SIC code, Phone No & Fax No.      

Download File and see sample for youself

  • Use file for marketing database
  • Easily print mailing labels via Access or Excel
  • Export content into csv file or Excel
  • Reverse search phone numbers
  • Target particular suburbs or even streets

Data Delivery: Data is delivered as 1 Excel 2007 file - Category and postcode columns contain filter tab to make searching and sorting through large database easier.

Alternativly we can deliver file as 3 CSV files - (Business with phone numbers, without phone numbers and also a dedicated Business Fax list) all can be imported into a database application eg. MS Access, Filemaker or any other database you have.

Download link will be emailed within 24 hours of order.

Source: Internal database verified against Dun & Bradstreet information


Our Price:  230.00  £

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